Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oliver + S Music Class Skirt

The only thing that is really noteworthy about this skirt is that it isn't needed until December and I made it in October. My daughter needs a black knee-length skirt to wear as part of her school uniform for concerts and performances. The first concert she is a part of is the Christmas concert. Assuming this December would be just as busy as those in recent years, I tried to be proactive and get this done earlier than a couple nights before the concert. Yay me!

Front view

I've made this skirt before, so I was familiar with the pattern. I want this skirt to be wearable for a couple of years, so I added three inches in length to the size 7. It finishes just at the bottom of her knee cap. The fabric is a basic poly suiting with a little bit of stretch.

Poor planning on my part, but I added all of the length to the middle part of the side panel. It would have been smarter to add 1" above the pocket, 1" in the middle, and 1" to the pleat. That would have kept the proportions better.

Side view

This skirt has nice details, but still is really quick to sew up. I was reminded how much I like Oliver + S patterns. I've got plans to make another Jump Rope dress soon, too.


  1. Very pretty skirt and Decemeber is always a busy month for us too so great job making it so early!

  2. You go girl! Way to be on top of things! And it's a lovely skirt.