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Ottobre 4/2012 #13 - Corduroy Shirt Jacket (+ Twirly Skirt)

One more new niece needed me to make something for her. Her older sister received this coat, and I suspect she will also wear it when she's the right size. So, I thought it might be smart to make something else for her. There is no shortage of Ottobre things I'd like to make, so it was just a matter of picking one!

I love this little hooded shirt jacket and wanted to combine it with this corduroy fabric (also seen here) even though it isn't a knit as called for in the pattern.

The piping helps define the yoke seam and makes the sweet gathers a little more noticeable. I was not intending to line the hood until I started putting the hood together and realized it wasn't going to look that nice with the wrong side so visible. Thankfully, I had this broadcloth that was a pretty good match for the piping.

The skirt is a scaled-down version of this one, made from a dark purple ponte knit. I scaled it down too much the first time, so I had to add an extra tier, making it extra…