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McCall's 6559 - Striped Maxi Dress

I really wouldn't describe my style as trendy. It takes some time for my eyes to get used to something new and different. If it sticks around for awhile, then I might adopt it. Case in point: the maxi dress. I really didn't like them at first ("first" being what - three or four years ago?) and I still don't like many of them that I see. But, there have been some that I admire - enough to make me consider trying it out.

I actually chose to make a maxi dress because of the fabric I was interested in moving from the fabric closet to my clothes closet. I really wanted a dress out of this breton stripe knit that I purchased last year on a trip to New York. Initially, I was planning to make something similar to this or this but then I found a dress so much like what I was planning to make on a clearance rack at Old Navy for less than $3.00. Hard to beat that! So, then I needed to find a different idea for this fabric.

Then I started seeing several sewing bloggers makin…

For the Record

The beginning of August saw me doing lots of sewing at the request of others. Some of it was alteration work. Most of it was for S's shop here in town. Have a peek at the goods...

One pillow with cat appliques requested by a customer:

(The cat on the right is supposed to be sitting with his back toward us. Not sure if I made that obvious or not, but those were the instructions).
Two fall-ish novelty baby bibs:

Three tote bags:

Four Christmas baby bibs:

It's always a good exercise to stretch some of my creative muscles with these projects, but I'm also always happy to spend my sewing time on "me" projects when they're finished.

Ottobre 1-2010-14 - Purple Tweed Coat

This pattern is now a three-peat for me. Lucky me - I have another new niece, so I made another version of this very sweet coat! The first was in denim, the second in corduroy, and now the third in a tweedy wool blend.

The pattern was all ready to go, so it came together pretty quickly. I lined it with a quilting cotton featuring a lavender motif (not fireworks as suggested by The Preacher).

For extra warmth, I added a layer of flannel to the bodice and skirt pieces. I used a traditional lining for the sleeves to make getting them on and off easier.

I had this ribbon on hand that matched really well and added that at the neck for a hanging loop.

The sleeve tabs might be my favorite part of this pattern.

I really like this pattern. One of these days I may just have to sew a coat for one of my own kids!

Custom Diaper Bag

My sister had her second baby a few months ago. She asked me if I'd make her a not-so-diaper-baggish diaper bag. I was willing to give it a shot and suggested she decide what her ideals were for size, shape, pockets, etc. She found an inspiration picture, we talked pockets, she bought fabric and then I got to work.

The printed fabric makes it a little hard to discern any details, but there is a band at the top and then pleats at the top of the main part of the bag. It's been a few weeks now since I made it, so I'm having a hard time remembering the exact size. It's big enough to tote around all the baby essentials, but small enough to not be overly cumbersome. The extra long adjustable strap allows it to be worn over one shoulder or across the body.

The red lining was a really nice touch and I think it will make it easy to find things inside. There are pockets all along both sides. One side has three elasticated ones - for holding bottles or other similar things. The o…