Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For the Record

The beginning of August saw me doing lots of sewing at the request of others. Some of it was alteration work. Most of it was for S's shop here in town. Have a peek at the goods...

One pillow with cat appliques requested by a customer:

Cat Pillow
(The cat on the right is supposed to be sitting with his back toward us. Not sure if I made that obvious or not, but those were the instructions).

Two fall-ish novelty baby bibs:

Apple Bib

Pumpkin Bib

Three tote bags:

Simple Tote Bag: Felted Flowers

Simple Tote Bag: Leaves

Simple Tote Bag: Owl

Four Christmas baby bibs:

Christmas Bibs

Christmas Bibs

It's always a good exercise to stretch some of my creative muscles with these projects, but I'm also always happy to spend my sewing time on "me" projects when they're finished.

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  1. You've got some great goods there! I love the owl tote!!!!