Sunday, June 5, 2016

Simplicity 8014 - Black Shirtdress

I do love a nice collared shirt, so the shirtdress seems like a natural extension of that. There are so many good shirtdress patterns available right now, it was a little difficult to choose. The one I used here is Simplicity 8014, View D. I really liked the denim version on the envelope, but I wanted the option of wearing this to work, so no denim for me.

Simplicity 8014

I had considered trying this in silk, but shortly before I went fabric shopping I messed up this silk top with some sort of oil stain. My attempts at treating it only seemed to make it worse. Only low-maintenance laundry items for me, I guess. This fabric is polyester. I wouldn't say it was a joy to work with, but it wasn't bad.

After making a muslin, I was pretty pleased with the fit. I removed 1.5" in width from the back - only the dress piece, not the yoke. I also added 2" in length to the skirt. The pattern has gathers at CB, but I changed that to a pleat. I also omitted the pockets.

Simplicity 8014

In the final version I feel like I could use a little more room across the shoulders. I put both sleeves in the muslin to check range of motion and I was pretty satisfied. However, the fashion fabric is a very tight weave with absolutely no give and it feels pretty different. It isn't terrible, but I would prefer a smidge more room. The tuck on the sleeve incorporates the hem and gives a nice finish on the inside

Simplicity 8014

I did my own thing with the button placement - following what I like with other button-down shirts and including a couple more than recommended at the lower edge. The model in the envelope picture seems like she might reveal more than necessary when she sits down.

Simplicity 8014

The shirttail hem is a nice feature and I appreciated the shaped facing piece included. I feel like the dress is still a little shorter than I'd like and I already added 2".

So, overall a success - I really liked the pattern and enjoy the final result. There is a piece of linen that has been in my stash for years that I might like to use for a sleeveless version.


  1. I really do like a shirt dress too. This one is very nice and I like the fabric you used. It looks great :)

  2. I really do like a shirt dress too. This one is very nice and I like the fabric you used. It looks great :)


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