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New Look 6071 - Green and Brown Dress

I've been wanting to get this pattern and fabric together for awhile now. The fabric is from my last trip to New York. I used the pattern (New Look 6071) one other time and knew that I'd like to try it again.

This is a very comfortable, easy-to-wear dress. It will be very cool on hot days. The cross-over detail on the front is interesting, but really isn't complicated to do. I was surprised how quickly I was able to finish this dress. The neckline is quite low, so I added the modesty panel.

A fabric close-up:

This is a poly ITY jersey. It was wonderfully agreeable to work with. The neckline didn't stretch out of shape even though I didn't stabilize it with clear elastic.

I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot this summer!

Tan Shorts

Most of the summer clothes I've sewn for myself in the last couple of years have been dresses and skirts. I wear dresses and skirts more than shorts or pants, so that's been working out well, but there are times where shorts really are a better choice. And I don't know about you, but I find it even harder to locate shorts worth buying than pants. So, my delight with the success of these pants was compounded when I realized that the pattern would also work really well for shorts.

When I made my son these pants, I was really impressed with the fabric and almost regretted not saving it for myself (but I'm trying hard not to do that "saving the fabric" thing). Turns out, the remaining remnant was enough for a pair of shorts for me. The stretch twill has a really nice brushed surface and from my son's pants I know that it washes and wears well.

I did some triple topstitching on these also, just like his pants. Other than here on the front pockets, it is also o…

Burda 04/2010 #114 - Denim Shirt

A denim shirt has been on my wish list for awhile. The ones I've seen and have liked online are too expensive for me right now, and the ones I've tried on in stores haven't fit all that well. It seemed that the answer would be to make one, but I wasn't hopeful about finding the type of denim that I wanted. It couldn't turn out like a jacket - I definitely wanted a shirt. On the next visit to Fabricland, I saw this lightweight denim that would work well for a shirt, but it was more than $20/meter - more than I was willing to pay. I waited until it was significantly marked down before I purchased it.

For the pattern, I used Burda 04/2010 #114, the same as I used here (and for another shirt that I have yet to blog about). I wanted breast pockets with flaps and borrowed the ones from New Look 6704.

The insides of the cuffs, the undercollar, the inner collar band, and the underside of the pocket flaps are all cut from a blue and white stripe fabric.

They're a bit ov…

Simplicity 2584 - Navy Dress with Gingham Piping

I'm not sure if I should say this dress was a long time coming, or a really quick sew. I cut it out and just started the sewing at the end of last summer. I didn't complete it before the weather became too cold to wear it, so I bagged it up, set it aside and moved on. When I recently pulled it out, it didn't take me long to finish it up.

The pattern is Simplicity 2584 and I really like it. I combined various parts of the views to get what I wanted - drawstring dress style like View A, sleeveless with the scalloped slit facing like View D.

The neckline edges are even at the top. The dress is just not on the dressform straight here.
You know that I love piping, so I couldn't resist this opportunity to use it here. For a few years I really didn't wear much navy blue, but now I'm really liking it a lot again. Here I like the classic red, white and blue combination.

The scalloped neckline piece is sewn on top of the dress and then a facing is applied and turned towar…

What My Dad Taught Me About Sewing

By far, most of what I know about sewing I learned from my mom. She taught me when I was young and guided me through many projects. I'm like her in many ways. But, as I get older I find that I share many personality qualities with my dad. As anyone who "turns into their parent" will say, some of these qualities I'm happy to have and some, well, a little less so.

As I've been reflecting on this lately, I've noticed that many of the ways I'm similar to him show up in my sewing - both the process and the products. Here are the ones I notice most frequently...

1. Respect tools. 
My dad had an enviable shop at home. Maybe I should say "shops" - a wood shop and a metal shop. These shops were organized and well-equipped. Tools hung on pegs on the walls and then they were outlined in marker, so that there was no confusion at all about what went where. Using a tool was not something that you did without permission. Permission was usually granted but not w…

Colette Patterns Sorbetto Top

On my last trip to Fabricland, I was determined not to buy any new fabric other than what was on my list to finish projects in progress. BUT...I just couldn't pass up this yellow tie-dyed rayon at $3.00/meter. It was a great deal and I really liked it. I knew that if I didn't get it, I would regret it later. To assuage my guilt about my lack of willpower and inability to keep my word when it comes to fabric purchases, I kept the cut minimal with a simple summer top in mind.

It doesn't get any simpler than the free downloadable Colette Sorbetto. Many, many other bloggers have made this top and I don't have much new to add to the reviews. The main thing I needed to change was the length. From looking at the pattern, I could tell that it was going to be a midriff-baring top on me if I didn't change it. So, I added 1.25" in length at the waist right off the bat.

Then I did a quick mock-up. The armhole was much too high and tight, the bust dart was too high, and th…

Simple Summer Stuff - 2012 edition

It's that time of year again. My oldest daughter needs shorts and tops! A few months ago I emptied a box of clothes that I had in storage. They were clothes that I wore after having babies, before I was back to my usual size. I don't need them anymore, so some were donated and some were converted into clothes for my daughter.

Both t-shirt and shorts made from two old tops.

The picot elastic from stash was a good match.

Two more tops cut up and re-purposed here. I used fold-over elastic around the neck and sleeve hems. The striped fabric is so stretchy that I had to staystitch the neck edge before applying the elastic. Then it had just the right amount of stretch to get the elastic on. After it was applied, I removed the staystitching (it's probably not actually staystitching then, is it?)

And, then a different style top also made from an old top of mine. This is Ottobre 3-2012-17, a knit top with ruffled sleeves. Those sleeve ruffles are gathered with clear elastic and eve…