Sunday, January 23, 2011

McCall's 3830 - Corduroy Skirts

Continuing with my new styles/silhouettes kick, I tried a skirt style that is a little different for me - the straight skirt. Now, this isn't something that is entirely new to me, but I haven't made one in a few years. I thought it was time to try it again.

My pattern of choice was as basic as could be. I wanted to get the fit good without working around a lot of details and since I wasn't sure I would really like the shape on me, I didn't want to invest a lot of time in it. Enter McCall's 3830.

For the first try, I used a piece of corduroy leftover from this jacket. I had just enough of both the corduroy and the lining left for the skirt. In the past, I have been unhappy with how the front of straight skirts fit me. This time I left out the front darts. While I do curve out quite a bit from waist to hip, I don't really curve much at the front - it's all on the sides and at the back. I was really happy with how the fit turned out.

This was posted earlier, but here's the picture again:

Green Batwing Top

Since the corduroy had a bit of stretch, I taped the waist and used a stable twill fabric for the facings. That seemed to work well - the waist doesn't stretch out at all. The skirt wears really well and is very comfortable thanks to the lining and the stretch fabric. I decided to make another using the fabric leftover from this jumper (this is the problem with a good simple skirt pattern - it's really tempting to turn every small cut of fabric into a skirt).

McCall's 3830

I did the same things for this version as for the first except that it doesn't have a lining. I wore a slip with it in an attempt to keep it from sticking to my tights when I walk, but it doesn't work as well as a lining. The color is different from most of the things in my closet and I think it's a good addition.

The top is a quick make from Butterick 3344. I changed the neck and added a twisted binding treatment following the instructions here. It isn't very visible with the sweater, but it might prove to be a good layering top and I didn't want it to be entirely plain.

Butterick 3344

I made the sleeves extra long and gathered the bottom with clear elastic. I've done this on other tops and really like how it feels. When you have really long arms like I do and every top you have ever purchased has had sleeves that are too short, wearing extra long sleeves feels really luxurious.

Butterick 3344

The sweater was comfortable to wear and was a good, warm layer. You can read a bit more about it here.

Silly shot

This picture is courtesy of my daughter, the master of the "silly shot." She coached me. :)


  1. I totally agree with you about long sleeves! I LOVE having extra long sleeves, but they are very hard to find at Value Village! :) I really like the gray sweater & how the front is off centre!

  2. cute skirts, love the sweater and your silly shot.

  3. Great looking skirts, they will be great additions to your wardrobe. I agree with you about the long sleeves, such a nice feeling.

  4. Wow, Renee! The sweater outfit with the red skirt is so, so super cute. Totally fashionable and yet you look warm and comfortable. Both color of skirts are really nice and also will be easy to match with. I know what you mean about the fit of straight skirts....they always seem to pull too much in the front to my liking. Well done!

  5. I just love the color you chose for the second skirt. That whole outfit is fantastic! Isn't it so satisfying when it all comes together so well? Have fun wearing both skirts. They are perfect additions to your wardrobe.

  6. Lovely, as usual. Ooooh, the luxury of long sleeves!

  7. Great outfits! I like how you've styled the skirt with the top and sweater. Oh, and your "silly shot" is wonderful! :)

  8. Cute skirts! The pattern is great for corduroy. I've been looking for the perfect pattern and I think you found it. Nice job!