Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simplicity 4020–Green Batwing Top

Another new style for me…

The fabric is a bamboo jersey that I think works pretty well for this design – very soft and drapey. I would have guessed that I wouldn’t have liked all that fabric between my arms and my body, but I didn’t really notice it.

Before cutting the fabric, I added 2” in length to the sleeves and 1.5” in length to the bodice front and back. While  putting the top together, the only sizing change I made was to decrease the circumference of the cuffs by 1.5”. They were much too big for my wrists and slid down over my hands, looking very sloppy.

I wasn’t all that impressed with the neckline of the top. I bound it instead of applying a neckband like the pattern suggests, but I’m still not very excited about how it sits on me. It shifts around and I feel like I need to readjust it too much. When I wore it with a scarf, it didn’t bother me.

The skirt in the picture at the top is also a recent make, but I’ll have more to say about that later.


  1. You look wonderful!
    And the new style suits you!

  2. I came across your blog on someone's list of links and love your sewing projects! This looks like such a pretty top and it's tempting me to try one with sleeves like that. I also LOVE your owl sweater. I'm knitting my first sweater (it's a shrug though) right now and hoping it comes out right.

  3. I like it. I'll have to revisit this pattern. You've done a wonderful job.

  4. I love your outfit. The scarf looks really nice too and I would love to try jersey bamboo!

  5. The top looks great on you. Oh, and I love the scarf, too!

  6. This style and color looks great on you! It's so fun to try something new and even more fun when it works out! I think the scarf with this is a great idea too.