Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - How'd I Do?

I wrote down these sewing goals for myself at the beginning of 2009, but never published them as I started this blog later in January.  Here they are...

1.  Less yardage in than yardage out. Ideally, sew two pieces from stash for every one purchased.

Well, I wrote that before I knew I was going to NYC.  Purchasing nearly 50 yards of fabric there made it pretty hard to accomplish this goal!  But, after checking my totals, I was surprised that the in/out numbers weren't farther from each other.  I should note that I do a lot of rounding with my tracking, so these can't be considered much more than estimates.  For 2009 - Fabric In:  90 yards; Fabric out:  84 yards.

2.  Make a great white shirt.

I didn't do this.  I bought fabric in NYC and used a pattern candidate for a different shirt, but never got around to actually making the white one.  I do have a white button-down shirt in my closet, but it isn't a great fit.  I'm not sure I would wear it a lot even if it were, so this doesn't seem like a real pressing need to me.  But, I think I'll still forward this on to 2010's goals.

3.  Make a TNT pencil skirt pattern.

I didn't do this, either.  I don't think I really need a TNT pencil skirt pattern right now, so I think I'll just let this one go.

4.  Number of completed projects/garments: 50+

I didn't do a very good job of recording this after mid-October or so of this year, so I consider this to be a ballpark-type figure, too.  The number I do have recorded is 75.  That doesn't include small bags or baskets, but it does include a lot of other easy things like T-shirts and underwear.  I guess that averages to just under 1.5 things per week.  Not too bad.

5.  Write 20 new pattern reviews.

I wrote 21 reviews on  This surprised me.  Before I checked the site, I was pretty sure I had not done that many.  I reuse the same patterns a lot, so it was my goal to try some new ones.  Maybe I need to up the number for next year if it felt like I was still always using the same ones.

6.  Try Ottobre or BWOF magazine patterns.

Technically, I accomplished this goal, but just barely.  I made my daughter a hat from a Burda magazine.  I picked up the April 2009 issue while in NY, so my only choices are from that issue.  I do have plans to make a skirt from that issue, but haven't yet.  I would like to try Ottobre, also.  I love the clothes other people are making for their kids from Ottobre.  I guess I'll roll this one over into 2010, also.

7.  Participate in at least one contest.

I think the fair counts for this one.  It would be fun to participate in an online contest or sew-along.  I haven't done that before.

8.  Master the sleeve placket.

I did this (here, here, and here) and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I'm glad I have this technique in my bag of tricks now.

9.  Start a blog?

Yup.  Check.  So glad I did.  I enjoy blogging and just as I suspected, I think it has helped me be better at my craft.  I have been astonished at how many people do actually read my blog and I've got to admit - I love it!  I love getting your comments and feedback.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for helping me make 2009 the best sewing year yet!

Bring on 2010!


  1. Great job accomplishing your goals! I love reading your blog - you inspire me to sew!

  2. You did really well accomplishing your goals!

    I've enjoyed stopping in and and may 2010 continue to be a great sewing year for you.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I follow your blog almost daily...I really like the things that you sew !
    Have a great 2010 sewing year !

  4. Your blog's a fun inspiration stop. :)

    Good luck with 2010 goals; nice job on 2009