Monday, September 7, 2009

McCall's 5522 - Lavendar Striped Shirt

One of my goals for 2009 was to make a great white shirt.  I haven't tackled that yet, but I think I'm going to consider this shirt the first step in that process.  This pattern was in the running for "the" shirt and I think I like how it turned out.

This fabric is from NY - Metro Textiles.  It seems to be high quality, but was pretty lightweight and it wrinkles really easily.  It also presses well and feels nice on.

Some details:

The collar:

The sleeve placket and cuff:

Bias-cut lower bodice: (resizing the pics makes the stripes all wonky)

I added a seam at the center back to make the chevron pattern balanced:

This shirt feels more like spring than fall to me, so I think I'll put it away and it will be a nice surprise after the long winter.  Besides, I don't really have anything to wear with it now.

I'll be entering this in the fair in the "Ladies Blouse" category.

Next up:  doll clothes (?)


  1. There are so many great details to this blouse. I love the added center back seam and bias sleeve plackets. I've made this twice before, but now that I've seen yours in a stripe, I may need another one. I do have a nice weight white with black pinstripes in my stash. Although the stripes are bigger so matching them would be a pain. Hmmm... You need to give some other people at that fair the opportunity to win something! :)

  2. Beautiful! The chevron pattern on the lower bodice is amazing. Wonderful work.

  3. AMAZING work! It looks fantastic!

  4. That is a really great fit on you - lovely work!

  5. This is absolutely lovely. So many wonderful details.

  6. That is really nice. The stripes are so subtly, but really makes a perfect finish.

  7. Lovely shirt. I love this pattern too.

  8. I love this shirt. I have 2 striped shirts just like it but think I might buy more. Just love the look and you look get to! Good post.