Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For the Record

Three more angels for M's shop...

Bathroom angel

Bathroom angel

Bathroom angel

I've been pretty honest about these angels in the past, I think. They aren't my favorite things to make. But they sell and do a little bit to support my addiction hobby. And it is pretty interesting to watch them morph from something like bowling pins....

Angels in process

...into something more like rubber chickens.....

Angels in process

...and finally into something human-like.

This bag is also for M's shop, to replace this one that sold very quickly. Yay! It is made from wool very similar to the first one, but it started as a neutral beige color that didn't seem very exciting for a handbag. I chose to dye it purple. The wool felted a bit during the dying process, so it was a little harder to sew (more bulk). My Pfaff still muscled through and I'm happy with the result.

Purple wool bag

This one closes with a snap rather than a zipper. I thought these instructions for applying magnetic snaps were quite good. The application feels very secure.

Purple wool bag interior

I'm not doing a great job of finding sewing time lately. It seems like there are many other things going on and I've not been terribly motivated to work smarter and find the time. The February blahs...they come for me every year...

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