Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vogue 9091 - Black Culottes

Every once in awhile I feel like I want something "different" in my closet. Generally I'm not super trendy, but from time to time an odd trend appeals to me. This time it was culottes.

I had a piece of black wool in my stash that was too lightweight for pants. Using it for a skirt was an option, but that would have left a good sized remnant that would be too big to toss and too small to do much else with. Since it was lightweight and had some good drape, I thought it could work for culottes. Plus, stash fabric seems "free" to me, so if it was a total bust not much was lost.

There are quite a few patterns for culottes available now. The one I chose was Vogue 9091. I prefer a yoke to a regular waistband. Views A and B are considered culottes and View C is considered pants. I chose to make View C, but shortened it by five inches. I also added a lining, but those are the only real changes.

Vogue 9091

This is not a complicated pattern. The pleats are deep and getting the markings correct is important. The only fitting issue is really the yoke. There is plenty of ease in the rest of the pants. When I cut out the lining pieces, I folded out the pleats on the front so there would be less bulk.

Vogue 9091

Being as this was a pretty simple project, I enjoyed taking my time on each step and doing it well. I put in a lapped zipper in the back. It's been awhile since I did one of those, but I wanted something sturdier than an invisible one.

Vogue 9091

The facing and lining are hand sewn down. I added twill tape to the waist seam so it won't stretch out.

Vogue 9091

The side seam pockets are a nice touch. Again, something I had not done in awhile - I prefer slash pockets in pants,

Vogue 9091

None of these pictures are that great so it's hard to give you an idea of what they really look like. I like the way they look when I move. They really aren't "conventionally flattering," but they're different, interesting, comfortable, and warm and for now, that earns them a spot in my closet.

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  1. This dress looks so great on you that I am seriously considering going to a full package service and having a go at it! Lovely color!