Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ottobre 01-2010-16 and 18 - Striped Dress and Pink Leggings

My youngest daughter turned three yesterday. So hard to believe. I mentioned in this post how she only likes to wear dresses, skirts, jumpers and nightgowns. So, I made her another dress (because I thought she would like another and because I thought I would like fewer tantrums when there are not any clean dresses in her drawer).

Ottobre 1/2010 #16 and #18

Both the dress and the leggings are from Ottobre 1/2010. The bubble sleeves are unique and the pleats on the leggings are a nice detail. In order for the outfit to be a surprise, I did all of the work while my daughter was sleeping and I was nervous about how or if it would fit. The leggings are a little looser than I would prefer, but they are a good length. The pleats don't match up well because I was in a great big hurry to finish them.

Ottobre 1/2010 #18

The dress turned out to be a pretty good fit. I used size 98 and added 0.5" in length to both the bodice and the skirt. The neckline is gathered with an elastic casing. It looked too loose when I was making it, but I left it figuring I could adjust it after she tried it on. And, that's what I did - taking about 2" off the suggested length. I think I may have misunderstood the directions for the bubble part of the sleeve. It is supposed to look twisted, but I don't think these look twisted enough.

Ottobre 1/2010 #16
I love that full, round tummy!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


  1. Adorable birthday outfit! I like how the stripes look on the sleeves of the tunic.

  2. She's too sweet!! I love these leggings! I need to make a pair for my little princess.

  3. Happy birthday to your little one! I think her outfit turned out adorable!

  4. I was a little girl with a round basketball belly who hated pants. I'm not sure I wore pants to school until Grade 6, I was much happier stuffing my skirt into snowpants for the walk to school. I still like wearing skirts and dresses a lot, but not for the same reasons.

    It's a lovely outfit for such a beautiful little girl. I love the little bow/flower detail.