Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fleece Pajama Hat Trick

I made pajamas for each of my kids.

They’re so happy because they got to pick out the fabric.

My older daughter wanted “pajamas that have the top and bottom connected and have feet.” Kwik Sew 2704 was the answer – sleepers for big kids.

My son wanted the same thing, and was quite insistent that they be cozy. In his mind, cozy and fuzzy are synonymous.

I think both of them are surprised how warm these are.

My younger daughter only wears dresses, skirts, and jumpers for day and nightgowns at night. She’s cute about this as long as there is a choice she approves of in her drawer. If everything that suits her is in the laundry, she’s not so cute. So, here we have another nightgown for her. I modified an out-of-print Kwik Sew pattern to make it.

Oh, and I made her leggings to wear with the nightgown since she doesn’t keep the blankets on at night.

Sleep well, kiddos!


  1. Super cute! The PJs and the children!!

  2. All three are so cute! I love their Pj's, they do look very warm and perfect for this winter weather.

  3. Aw, they are all so cute! The footed pj's would be so toasty warm. What fun!

  4. Adorable pajamas! My son always loves to pick out his fabric too! It is so awesome that us moms have the ability to do that for our kids, it makes it special!