Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butterick 3344 - Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

Thanks for all the comments about my sweater!  I'm still so happy about it.  I usually like everything to be put away as much as possible, but I've intentionally left it out so I can admire it.  :)

But, in order to wear it, I needed a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to keep me from being too itchy in the wool.  So even though I have other things in the works, that jumped to the front of the line.  I pretty much made it while the kiddos watched Sesame Street this morning.

layering T

Not terribly exciting, but it fulfills its purpose beautifully.  I'm not sure exactly what the fabric is.  It's super stretchy like a rib knit, but looks more like interlock.  And I'm not sure about the fiber content, either.  It feels like some sort of blend - very soft and smooth.  The color is difficult to discern from the photo, but it's a heathered oatmeal sort of color (somewhere between off-white and tan).  I'm pretty sure I bought it at Metro Textile in NYC.

I used Butterick 3344, now OOP.  This one is the same as the green one I made a few weeks ago, except for the sleeve length.  I like this pattern more each time I use it.

Okay, now back to the other things I was working on...

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  1. I like these types of tops. It sounds very comfortable and is a perfect companion to your owl sweater.