Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Down, A Bunch To Go...

It seems my daughter grew while she was at school on Friday.  I measured her in the morning before she left, made this shirt during the day and then when she got home and tried it on, the sleeves were too short!  BAH!

I seriously measured her arms and then compared the pattern pieces to a long-sleeve shirt which had sleeves that were too short so I would know how much longer to make them.  I made this new one 1.5" longer.  Still too short!  After figuring out that she grew 1.5" between June and September, I'm not all that skeptical that she DID grow noticeably while at school.

The sleeve situation is very frustrating, but I like everything else about the shirt.  I used the pebble piping (just like on this top) around the neck and really like how that looks finished.  The fabric is a really nice, smooth jersey with lycra that I bought at Fabricland several months ago when it was a good deal.  And, I like to see my daughter in blue - it's a nice break from all the pink.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 2918 - just like every other T-shirt I've ever made my kids.

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