Saturday, June 20, 2009

For a couple-a-bucks...

I bought this piece of lavender cotton/lycra jersey last month off the remnant table at Fabricland. It was priced at $2.00/meter and the cut was just less than one meter. It looked good to me because my daughter had a purple skirt that we found at a second-hand store (for $1.00!) that needed a matching top.

The top is Kwik Sew 2918 minus the sleeves. I finished the edges with "Pebble Piping" from this Kwik Sew newsletter. I came across this via Dawn's blog. It is a pretty easy technique and I think it looks great finished. The picture was taken after washing and drying the top. The piping isn't quite as smooth as it was right after finishing, but it still looks pretty good.

I also made shorts to be worn under the skirt from Burda 9615. The elastic is narrower than I usually use for a waistband, but it should still do the trick.
I asked my daughter to pick out a ribbon for the "tag" identifying the back of the shorts and after considerable deliberation, she brought me two colors and very thorough instructions to make it look like this:

While I was cutting out the top and shorts, I cut out two pair of underwear for myself (from Jalie 2568). Rather than putting away the scraps and coming back to them later, I thought I would just get them used up right away. So, the underwear jumped in line (there are other sewing projects more urgent than underwear), but while the purple thread was on the machine, yada yada, you know how that goes...

There is something really satisfying about using up an entire piece of fabric. I only have tiny scraps left.

There is also something really satisfying about creating four items for less than $2.00. Sure, they are small and not very elaborate, but here in Canada I'd pay more than $2.00 just in sales tax if I bought any one of these in the store. Alright, to be fair I have to include the cost of the patterns, elastic, thread, etc. Rounding WAY up, maybe $5.00 for the four items.

I love this hobby.


  1. cute! I love that pebble piping trick.

  2. Cute!! Your undies are super cute too! I love when everything comes together so nicely! I must ask....the undies don't unravel at all at the leg openings?? Your cuts seem very perfect!

  3. I have got to try the pebble piping. I love the way it looks.