Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kwik Sew 3126 - Soccer Pajamas

I brought this little guy with me to the fabric store (Fabricland) to pick out some fabric for pajamas.  We brought home this soccer print and an indy race car print.  Perhaps you remember what I think about auto racing.  So, I was a little conflicted about buying the indy cars.  But, it was either that or hockey and I really don't care for hockey either. 

This soccer print was also available with a green background - you know, so it would look like a soccer field.  That seemed to make sense to me, but the client wanted the blue, so that's what came home.

I've used this pattern many times already.  It's a good pattern.  This set of pj's is the largest size, T4.  They're a little big on him now, but that was intentional.  They'll be too small too soon. 

This is probably the best pattern matching I've done yet.  It's not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it work.  It's a one-way print with a fairly large repeat (compared to the size of the pattern pieces, anyway) and I had only a little extra fabric.  But, I squeaked it out and I'm glad I did.  I wondered aloud to the Preacher why I bothered with the pocket.  With the pattern matching, you don't really see it much and it's not like my son will use the pocket.  But, it's part of the classic pajama look, so it's good to include it. 

I'll be entering these in the fair in the "Boy's Pajamas" category.

Next up:  I still don't know.  Nothing's cut out, nothing's waiting in line.  I'm not feeling very inspired right now.  My daughter still needs quite a lot of clothes for fall, but that project doesn't sound like fun yet.  I have a lot of fall/winter fabrics in my stash that I'd like to sew for me, but I think I'd feel better with some sort of plan for that.  I could zip through those indy car pajamas, but that doesn't get me excited either.  I might just take a break for a few days.


  1. Awesome!! He looks great and the pattern matching - I'm amazed. So great! I also really love the topstitching on the placket. I always put pockets on my son's PJ's, too. I wondered about the usefulness, but he has started stashing Matchbox cars in them that he sleeps with. Whatever. He's happy.

  2. Your pattern matching looks perfect to me. I had to stare at it to find the front and pocket. Super job! I never sew for my boys because boys patterns just don't inspire me. BUT, they love classic pajamas. We only have one pair that I bought from Ebay and my oldest wore it until he couldn't squeeze into it anymore. So I'm thinking they'd make perfect Christmas presents. Exactly what type of fabric is it?

  3. Super cute! Your son looks so happy in them.

  4. Great pattern matching! Those are very cute pj's! I am looking forward to seeing how you fair at the fair! :)


  5. I LOVE this pattern. I have it too. I've made two shorts, one tank, & cotton PJs in July. And just finished turning my son's receiving blankets into keepsake PJs. I haven't tried matching the pattern on the fabric yet. These most recent PJs are still a T1 but I had to add length in the leg and sleeves because my son gain length but not width. Check out mine on my blog. I'm gonna look at your other ones.