Monday, August 17, 2009

McCall's 2233 - NASCAR Apron

I have a friend that likes NASCAR. A lot. I don't like NASCAR. I would say I am principally opposed to NASCAR. I think it is a horrible misuse of natural resources. But, we can still be friends. I had lunch with this friend while we were on vacation and just a couple of hours after lunch, I saw this NASCAR fabric on the clearance table at Field's Fabrics. I nearly laughed out loud. There were two bolts of it. Two full bolts. Perhaps not many other sewists like NASCAR? Since it was dirt cheap, I bought some of it.

I've mentioned here before that I like to make apple pie. This friend likes to make apple crisp and awhile back I may have told him that apple crisp is just apple pie for slackers. It's the same idea as apple pie, but with less work. He was a bit indignant about this and brings it up every chance he has. I thought the NASCAR fabric would work well as an apron - and might encourage him to step up to apple pie. ;)

This is a very basic apron pattern. There are two pockets: a small one on the upper front and a larger one that is divided into two by a line of stitching. I added a band of black fabric to the top of the pocket so that they could be seen in the print. I have no idea what the top pocket is intended for. It was very narrow, but deep. A wooden spoon? Spatula? I don't know, so I changed it to fit an iPod. Anything that would fit in the original size pocket before will still fit in this one.

The NASCAR fabric was pretty flimsy so I backed it with bleached muslin. Now it has a better weight and feel.

Something went very wrong with the printing of this pattern envelope. Look at the back view diagrams at the bottom. I think it's actually this pattern (McCall's 2213). Too bad those pieces weren't also in the pattern envelope. Who doesn't want ruffled bloomers to match their apron?! Also, where the yardage requirements are listed, it doesn't say what garment each is for. And the spacing and centering seems to be off in all the sections. I didn't use too many of the pattern pieces, but what I did use seemed just fine. So, I think the problems are only on the outside and not the inside.

I'll be entering this in the fair in the "Kitchen Apron - with bib" category. And yes, this project did violate my "no new yardage" rule, but sometimes rules need an exception or two.

Next up: a shirt for the Preacher.


  1. love it - my husband just asked me this weekend to make him an apron... Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hilarious! I can just picture him, baking his pies while listening to his iPod. Brilliant! I hope you win some prizes in the fair.

  3. I think he also would've appreciated the bloomers. It can get hot when you're baking!

  4. Awesome! Thank you very much for NOT making the bloomers. That does not create a pretty picture... :)

  5. Love the ipod pocket on the apron!! I think you should make more aprons with ipod pockets and sell them at that shop in town!! I'd buy one!! ...not the NASCAR type but Jeff would!!

  6. does the iPod come with this beautiful creation? Oh, and I enjoyed lunch with you the other week. And yes, the race yesterday was great! Even the part where we had to listen to the Canadian National Anthem. :-)

  7. oh, and next up is a rhubarb pie....the next batch of rhubarb is almost ready. it was going to be rhubarb crisp, but I have something to prove.