Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Apron and Apple Pie

When it comes to describing myself as a cook, I’m not really sure what to say. I’m not outstanding or adventurous or creative or passionate. Nor am I inept or awful at it. What I do know is that I am a messy cook. It’s unusual for me not to spill or splatter something on myself. So, I wear an apron. And I thought it was time for a new apron.

I like the colors in this fabric very much, but the pattern is just too much to be worn in a garment and be taken seriously (IMO). I wasn’t interested in a quilt or a bag, so it seemed a good candidate for an apron. I didn’t have a pattern for an apron and didn’t think I really needed one. A very basic apron was all I was looking for (not even a pocket) so I just measured on myself where I wanted the top to be and the waist and the hem. I did the same with widths at the top and waist. These measurements were transferred to pattern paper, I added hem allowances and made the appropriate size rectangles for the neck loop and waist ties.

Construction was simple: finish the neck loop and waist ties, hem the apron sides (catching the waist ties), hem the bottom, and hem the top (catching the neck loop).

Now every once in awhile I get an urge for an apple pie. I think the urge is just as much about making the pie as tasting it. Perhaps the apron provoked this urge, but yesterday was an “apple pie day”. The kids “helped” me. They really only like the part with the apple peeler thing.

We made two pies – one to eat and one for the freezer. With help from the kids and the usual “interruptions” when they weren’t helping, the project took most of the day. Still worth it…


  1. The pies look tempting and you have adorable helpers. What a good motivation that piece of fabric provided.

  2. I love the apron!! Beautiful!! It's fun to have something nice to wear in kitchen! I can almost smell the apple pies!! mmmm!!!