Monday, September 28, 2009


I picked up my fair entries today.  All of my things were gathered up and waiting on a pile for me.  A woman, (who was a member of the committee responsible for the homecraft exhibits but not a judge) brought me over to it and then said, "Oh, this is your stuff!  This is beautiful work!  Especially this (pointing to the jacket).  I had several people complain to me that this did not win first prize.  Anything with bound buttonholes should win first prize.  I was not the judge, but I still would like to apologize.  I just don't understand that judging."  She was very dramatic about the whole thing.  I thanked her and said I wasn't really upset about it and I had won several other prizes (share the wealth, eh?).  But, I did appreciate knowing that it wasn't just me that was confused by the judging in that category.


  1. As a Fairboard Homecraft Pres who has also been "robbed" in the past, I comiserate! We don't always agree with what the judges do, but if we continually second guess them, we will have no one to judge. I am attending a judging school next month to "learn how to judge", and will be interested in finding out what goes on in some of their heads. Congrats on the wins!

  2. It was nice to have this acknowledged. Obvious a mistake was made but you can take the high road and celebrate all your other awards. Attending a judging school would be interesting. I wonder if it is anything like grading projects at school. Also, I love that you are allowing your dd to develop her sense of style. She's a cute one!

  3. Congrats on the wins....can't believe that the apron didn't win...crazy. I'm sure you would've won more if it weren't for that "share the wealth" thing. Guess you have to share those ribbons with others. :-)