Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jalie 2561 - Black pants

Another winner from Jalie! I'm pretty happy with these pants (Jalie 2561). As far as a piece of clothing, they aren't all that exciting - just basic black pants, but the fit is pretty good right out of the envelope. That is very exciting.

I made the muslin for these awhile back (post here) and then moved on to other things. After re-consulting the muslin, I raised the front crotch 1/4" and increased the leg length by 1.5". And that's all. Did I mention that I think this is very exciting?

The pattern has two options for the waistband. I chose the narrow one. This makes them slightly low-rise. I'm not sure what I think about the pockets yet. Normally I like slanted pockets best on pants, but this type is good for a bulk-free line over the hip. So, I think I like how they make the pants look, but with utility in mind, I probably won't like them.

The fabric is a stretch cotton twill (the pattern is made for stretch wovens) but I didn't want the waistband to stretch at all, so I used stay tape on the seam that connects the waistband to the pants and the seam at the top of the waistband. I used a lightweight woven cotton (non-stretch) for the interfacing. I like the button and buttonhole on each end of the waistband - the closure is nice and secure. I did use a navy zipper because that is what I had. I'll probably regret that later.
The welt pockets in the back are fake. Well, they are real welts, but there isn't a pocket attached to them. The pattern didn't include welts or any kind of pockets, so I had to figure out where to place them. I think I'll move them down a little on the next pair. It looks a little odd to have the dart ending below the welt.

Now I'm working on McCall's 5859. When I left it last night I was sure it was destined for the Salvation Army pile. I think I'm on my way to selvaging it now...


  1. Nice job on the pants! The back pockets look truly professional!! I didn't notice the dart ending below the pocket until I read it....so maybe it isn't a big deal. Looks like a great fit!

  2. Great job on the pants and the back pockets look fantastic.

  3. What great pants..the fit is just perfect !

  4. This is my go-to pants pattern for work slacks. Your version looks great.

  5. What a great good looking pair of pants. Why i think it really took my interest cause i am making my first pair of pants. The welts look great, I am having a little trouble with mine after reading your blog i think i might follow the same path and make mine a false pocket. i think pants need that interest in the back. Oh and i agree with you i would like to see the welts further down. Thank you for a great blog, it's what i needed to make me stick with my pants and not give up :o)