Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving On?

Yesterday I had given up hope that the book I needed to finish my jacket would ever arrive. I had been making lots of small things (hats, T-shirts, underwear, etc) while waiting as I don't like to have more than one thing in progress at a time, much less more than one substantial thing. But, these dinky projects were getting old and in my library book hopelessness I started working on a pair of pants with a muslin.

Another Jalie for me, Jalie 2561. The pattern is designed for stretch wovens and I used a pretty cheap (and ugly) stretch denim from my stash for the muslin.

The front looks pretty good to me. A little bit of pulling, but that's hard to get rid of in the stretch fabric.

The back is too tight and I think letting out the side seams a bit should do the trick. I'll likely add a welt pocket or two in back. I don't really like pants without anything on the back. I was pretty pleased with the fit right out of the envelope. I only had enough denim to make shorts, so I don't know how much length I'll have to add, but that is pretty easy to figure out with flat measuring.

So, I'd be happily going ahead with these pants, but today the book arrived at the library. Well, of course it did - I had moved on! I've glanced at the book and I think it has the info I need. So, I'll set aside the pants and keep going with the jacket. By the time it's finished I may still be able to wear it once or twice.

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