Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jalie 2568 - Women's Underwear

I get so excited when I try something new and love it. Such is the case with this pattern. I've never sewn underwear before. Now that I've tried it, I sense serious addiction potential.

Jalie 2568 has had some really positive reviews at PatternReview.com and I've been very pleased with all the other Jalie patterns I've used, so I thought I'd start here. The pattern includes a hipster and bikini in both high or low waisted styles, a brazilian hipster made from wide stretch lace and a camisole.

I've been playing around with this pattern for awhile now. I'd make a pair and then wear them, evaluate, wash them, evaluate, make a change or two and start over. I did this with both the hipster and the bikini pattern. I'd gotten them both to a point where I was happy with them and today I made five pair, assembly-line style - three hipsters and two bikinis.

After reading about Dawn's experience with this pattern, I followed her example and did not finish the leg openings at all. No elastic, no hem, nothing. I love these underwear. They are comfortable and fit well. I did find that I had to go up a couple of sizes from what the size chart suggested. Other reviewers did not have this problem, so it is likely a combination of my body shape and underwear fit preferences.

I prefer the hipster style, but the bikini is nice, too. It's good to have a little variety. The stretch lace that I used for the four pink-ish ones is five inches wide. You can see it in it's full width on the one pair. For the others, I cut it in half and then serged the cut edge to the top of the underwear. I think I like the pair with the full-width lace. I haven't worn them yet, but it seems like they might be comfortable.

My favorite one is the brown pair. The fabric is so nice and the lace is stetchy but stable. Too bad I only had enough fabric for one pair. It was leftover from this turtleneck.

The skivvies look enormous in the pics. That makes me unsure about whether or not to be pleased with the fact that they fit well. I'm sure I'll be making more of these down the road. But, for now I need a break from my rear end.

ETA: Full review here.


  1. Isn't it funny how LARGE they look off the body? I had that issue too. They seemed really big, too big when I posted the pictures of them. Oh well, the fit is comfortable.

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