Sunday, January 18, 2009

Butterick 3344 - Brown turtleneck

In keeping with the plan to alternate one easy thing with a more complicated thing, I made this very easy turtleneck to wear with the denim jacket.

The pattern is Butterick 3344. I used View D’s bodice and collar with the long sleeves from the other views.

This is the second time I have made this turtleneck and I really like it. The first one I made was too short so I don’t wear it, but I was really happy with the fit when I made it.

The fabric is a lightweight poly jersey. It is so soft and lovely to wear. For the most part it was easy to sew.

The turtleneck is gathered at the back and closes with a zipper. The instructions say to fold the collar wrong sides together and then pin the collar to the neck edge. Then the zipper is inserted and somehow you are supposed to get a nice finish at the top of the collar where the zipper ends. Not likely. I put the zipper in before folding the collar down and then slipstitched the edges of the collar to the zipper and the neck seam. This made for a good, clean finish.

1. I added 3.5” in length to the bodice front and back.
2. I “straightened” out the side seam (to avoid it flaring out at the hem) by tapering out to a 10 at the waist and in to a 6 at the hem.
3. I added 8” in length to the sleeve and then gathered up these 8” into 4” with clear elastic sewn next to the sleeve seam.
4. I added 1.5” to the lower half of the collar – the part that is gathered. The fabric I used wasn’t very heavy and I wanted a more “scrunched” look.

You can see more pics in my post about the denim jacket. Now it’s time for something more complicated again….

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  1. I'm loving this turtleneck, and the long-sleeved t-shirt you made with the pattern. Definitely adding 3344 to my wish list!

    I just finished a shawl-collared top with Butterick 5562 -

    Just signed up to follow your blog. I look forward to getting more ideas from you and reading more about your sewing!