Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pajama Pants

Shortly before Christmas, I made all three kids some new pajamas. Then I made them each a set as a Christmas gift and my mom gave them each new pajamas, too! Pajama overload perhaps, but it was really a good thing. Even The Preacher got new pajamas. The ability of good pajamas to bring comfort and joy is not to be underestimated. My pajama drawer and I were feeling left out.

Finally last week I was able to remedy that. I do not enjoy the bunching up around the legs that happens with traditional pajama pants. I had been wearing leggings and tunics as pajamas for awhile and that worked well. Last fall I made a pair of sweatpants (track pants? lounge pants? I don't know exactly what they are...) using Ottobre 5/2011 #5 and I really liked them.

Combined with the plentiful race T-shirts I have, they would be great as pajamas - comfy, stretchy, and tapered at the ankle so they don't bunch up.

I bought two pieces of cotton interlock from JoAnn's and made them assembly-line style. Most of the sewing was done on my serger (Babylock Evolution - loooove that thing) using the three-thread coverstitch and two-thread flatlock. I prefer the contrast of the gray on the navy to the blending on the gray pair.

The hem has a slit in the inseam. I sewed the inseam on my sewing machine to make finishing the slit easier. I like this touch - it allows for extra length comfortably.

This pattern fit me exactly how I'd like it to without any tweaking. Even the length was perfect! I left off the drawstring and I put the elastic all the way around the waist, as opposed to just 3/4, which leaves the front smooth. If these were going to be out-and-about pants (and they certainly could - they are very similar to the Hudson pants and the Anima pants. Very current and stylish, but not the look for me right now) I would include those features, but they're pajama pants so we're keeping it simple.

I'm so happy with these. They meet a real need and the fact that I really like them is a wonderful bonus. The weather here is still so cold and bleak (but hope is on the horizon!) - a little comfort and joy from pajamas is totally welcome.


  1. I too love comfy pj's. These look great!!

  2. I SO glad you're back! I've missed you! Your blog is one of my very favorite ones because it's so real and you sew things so very similar to me. You inspire me BIG time!!! Isn't Ottobre awesome?!?!?!

    Love your comfy pants - they look wonderful!!!

  3. They look so comfy and cozy. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful!! Love the contrast top coverstitch! So rtw! I was thinking of using that pattern for comfy lounge shorts! Such a cute style!