Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mondo Bag

Remember this bag? I like that bag. It's quirky and unique and I get funny comments about it when I carry it. However, The Preacher does not appreciate that bag. He claims to be embarrassed to be seen with me when I have it. That doesn't usually stop me, but now I have a second option when I need a very large (and respectable) tote bag.

This is the Mondo Bag from Quiltsmart. The pattern was a gift from my mother-in-law, who works at a quilt shop. The pattern includes fusible interfacing printed with a grid for doing the patchwork. The technique is similar to the one I used here. You produce four patchwork rectangles and then sew them together in a swirled plus-shape. That’s the best description I can give - it's rather unique and the final result looks more complicated than it actually is.

The fabric I used for the outside is from CherrywoodFabrics. I purchased a pack of fat quarters at Quilt Expo to use with this pattern. I would not have combined these colors on my own, but I really like the final result. Unfortunately, it was hard to capture the real colors in the photos. I'd say they're more vibrant and richer in real life. They are hand-dyed cotton, but have a really nice textural sueded look.

I purchased the lining to match and added the slip pocket and key clip. The pattern includes instructions for adding a pocket to the lining, but I think it ends up being diagonal inside the bag. I wasn't so excited about that, so I did my own thing.

There is a reason this is called the "Mondo" Bag. It is enormous. Here are my shoes (size 9) sitting comfortably in the bag with room to spare on all sides. The bottom of the bag is square and the sides stand up nicely on their own. When the bag is set down, it is easy to find things in it. Much like this bag, I think it'll be best for hauling larger, bulky items.


  1. That first denim bag is so awesome!! LOL Have to laugh at your dh...sounds like my dh! Men??!!! Love the Mondo Bag...beautiful colours and the size is awesome!

  2. Your bag is great! We all need a big bag for all of our "things"!! Love the color combination on the fabric.