Friday, May 23, 2014

One Winner, One Loser

More spring kids' clothes! It sure has been nice having these clothes done and ready for the warm weather. Beautiful new clothes that are ready to go make warm, sunny days all that much nicer. These two pieces are for my older daughter.

I modified Jalie 2908 slightly for these cuffed capris - straightened and shortened the legs and curved the waistband. Sadly, I don't have a picture of them on my daughter, but they fit great. The fabric is pretty lightweight and stretchy. It looks like denim, but my daughter finds these more comfortable than regular denim would be.

These were actually a pretty quick project. The fabric was easy to work with and I just used regular thread and a standard straight stitch for the topstitching. I'm happy with how all the details came out.

The insides are PINK! Pink fly guard, pocket bags, and waistband binding. I really like the flower print on the fabric also - a little abstract and stylized, but still feminine and fun.

It looks like there is some strange pulling across the yoke and waistband, but I think that's just how the pants are laying in the picture or maybe it's from shadows. They look smooth when they're on.

These are one of my favorite things that I made this season. Love them! But, the top I made to go with them is quite the opposite...

This is the Oliver + S Music Class Blouse made in a low-quality pink shirting fabric. I was determined to make things only from stash and did accomplish that, but this shirt was "forced" and I can't call it a success. The pattern is good and it fits well, but the fabric is terrible. It is stiff, wrinkles like crazy and feels a little scratchy. It will need to be ironed every single time it is worn. Also, the collar turned out pretty badly. There are some puckers on the inside neck edge and the curved edges at the front don't look very smooth. It's hard to make icky fabric look good!

I added a band across the bottom because it was looking too short. My daughter has worn this a couple of times and doesn't mind it too much, but we have fabric for a soft and easy-wearing T-shirt lined up to take this shirt's place.

Ah, well. The pants are a winner!

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