Friday, May 2, 2014

Big Bids on Baby Bibs

Every year at about this time I get invited to donate something handmade for a silent auction fundraiser for the private school my children attend. I'm always happy to do so, but sometimes the decision about what to give stumps me for awhile. This year I decided to go with baby bibs. Donations of previous years: pillows, pillows, placemats, apron.

Three girl bibs, sold as a set:

Three boy bibs, sold as a set:

I like the monster bib and wish that I had thought to make a girly monster. It didn't occur to me until they were all done. The daisy bib is nice, but doesn't feel quite as inspired as the others.

I'm happy to say that these were a hit at the auction!


  1. Oh they are adorable! I can see why they were a hit :)

  2. Oh my -- those bibs are darling!! So cute!

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