Sunday, February 16, 2014


Shortly after Christmas, I got into a bit of a pajama-sewing blitz. The pajama options for all three of my kids were pretty bad - way too small, woefully mismatched, etc. Pajamas aren't ever my first choice of things to sew (which is why the situation had gotten so bad) but I found there was a lot that I liked about this round of pajama sewing:

  • The kids were really appreciate of new pajamas and that always makes the time and effort worth it.
  • I find it really easy to leave the perfectionist tendencies behind with pajamas. "Good enough" is the name of the game for details, finishing and fit. Because they're pajamas!
  • Sometimes I feel conflicted when I need to choose between being resourceful and frugal or getting it exactly how I want. Use the serviceable buttons already in the stash or go buy the ideal ones? Does this ready-made piping "go" or should I make my own out of newly-purchased and perfectly coordinating fabric? When it comes to pajamas, the resourceful side wins every time. No conflict.

These three sleepers are all made from Kwik Sew 2704. I purchased the fleece for both girls' and the boy's is made from leftovers of other projects. My older daughter was surprised by the size of hers (she was still regularly wearing this one!) and shoved as many stuffies inside it as she could.

It looks nicer without the extra fluff inside.

More fleece for the boy...this time a two-piece deal...

I added plenty of length - so much that they fold over the cuff at the bottom. The cuff keeps the pants from covering the feet and dragging on the floor. I think I used Ottobre patterns for both pieces (hard to remember...).

This border print flannel has been in my stash for awhile and it was the perfect amount for this nightgown. For the bodice, I used Kwik Sew 3169 (OOP) and then cut the skirt as one rectangle as large as I could make it.

The final set is repurposed from a set of pajamas that were mine. I think they were a gift after I had a baby. I don't remember wearing them much and they were from Gap. I'm pretty sure I've never bought myself pajamas from Gap. Even though they haven't fit me for quite some time, I have kept them for such a time as this. I couldn't salvage the neckband and had to make that from a different fabric.

Everyone was happy with how each individual project came out and I was happy with the success of each child's pajama drawer overhaul!

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