Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrapping it Up

My sewing machine has been busy here lately, but not much of it has been blog-able. Some client sewing, some gifts. The client sewing has all been picked up and the gifts are all done. This is the point where I start thinking, "I could still make such-and-such for so-and-so!" I've learned it's best to squelch that voice with one big "NOPE!" Being done a little early and having a little breathing space makes the holiday break with the kids much more enjoyable.

Yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed sewing a simple little thing just for me:

This is Noodlehead's Open Wide Zipper Pouch. Sometime in the last year the zipper broke on the cosmetics-counter freebie bag I used for makeup when traveling and I threw it out. I'm just getting around to replacing it now.

Behold! The wide opening! This is great for pouches that you might need to root around in. Or just want to see into. Love it.

Sometimes it's the little things. I love that green tab at the end of the zipper.

I'm hoping for some good chunks of selfish sewing time over the holiday break, but for now my daughter is logging some good time on the machine. Fabric choices are all hers and, yes, those are zippers (we can do it!). No questions from the Grandma's, please (it's a surprise!).

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  1. Thanks for the link to the tutorial - a great looking bag!