Monday, December 30, 2013

Ottobre 1/2010 #9 - Little Man Jacket

It was beginning to seem like my siblings and in-laws only knew how to produce girls. Then I did get a nephew thrown in the mix earlier in the year. Since I didn't think he would appreciate a little girl's coat, I had to come up with an alternative. I went straight to Ottobre.

I loved this little jacket! This is the tenth (TENTH!) pattern I've used from this issue (1/2010) - the very first one I bought. I'd say it's a winner.

I chose to make it in this khaki-colored wool rather than the sweater knit recommended. It'll fit smaller than the pattern suggests, but everything still worked. The wool was really lovely to work with.

Those little semi-circular pockets are my favorite detail. The seaming is pretty sweet, too. I left off the collar tab. I like how it looks in the diagram, but I really had a hard time getting it to look good.

The inner collar is quilting cotton, but the rest is a heavyweight poly satin (but not too shiny because it's for a little dude). I think the hanging loop is a must in a coat, especially a kid's coat.

I think I like this jacket as much as the little girl coats! More nephews, please!


  1. Beautiful beautiful coat! I'd love to have one in a woman's size! :)

  2. This is a gorgeous little boy's coat. I know your nephew will love it! Ottobre wins again!

  3. This jacket is lovely (sorry -I know it is for a boy). I really like front piecing detail. You did great job!

  4. This coat is so nice. As always you did a fantastic job!

  5. Very manly! And what professional results you achieved. Perfect.

  6. This is so amazing, fabulous job.