Monday, October 21, 2013

Swimwear for the Kiddos

I had to interrupt a nice stretch of selfish sewing I had going on to make swimwear for two of my three kids. They had swimming lessons starting up and their suits were so shot after the summer that wearing them even just once more was not a good option. Shopping for new suits this time of year sounded painful. Thankfully, I could make them and I even had everything I needed on hand: fabrics, patterns, notions. Stashing for the win!

My daughter's suit is made from a fabric that someone passed on to me. I don't really care for it, but my daughter does like it quite a bit. I used Kwik Sew 2605 (now out of print) - a basic one-piece racer back suit. Sadly I did not add enough length to the size I made. This will get her through the next few weeks and probably not much longer.

Kwik Sew 2605

I didn't pay any attention to print placement when cutting out (I was in a hurry!) but I find the three flowers diagonally across the body rather pleasing. But, then there's the back:

Kwik Sew 2605

Oiy. Hibiscus buns. Actually, the double flowers are on her lower back, so it isn't so egregious, but it isn't pretty, either. It'll work for the few weeks we need it to and then it can be on its way.

We couldn't let my daughter have all the fun. Large-scale flowers for my son, too!

Ottobre 3/2011 #25

This is my first attempt at sewing swimming trunks. It was pretty straight forward. I modified Ottobre 3/2011 #25 a slight bit and was happy with how it worked out. The front has a fake fly and the back has a curved yoke, both of which are good for interest.

Ottobre 3/2011 #25

I added a mesh liner to the inside. The pattern was loosely based on the Kwik Sew 2605 pattern I used for my daughter's suit. That part of the project was a bit of a guessing game, but it seems to have worked out well.

Ottobre 3/2011 #25

This felt like "emergency sewing" to me. I like being able to meet my family's needs with sewing, but I don't like trying to beat the clock at it.

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  1. I know what that is like....spit through suits! Heated water is particularly hard on Lycra. Here boys have to wear Lycra for lessons and squads as well. Boardies would last longer but apparently too much drag, or so they say!

    Both pairs came out really well.