Monday, February 11, 2013

A Birthday "Suit"

My youngest child (my baby!) celebrated her fifth birthday in January. I must confess that this sent me into a minor tailspin. I don't want to go back to life with babies, but I'm not sure I'm entirely ready to be done with the "little kid" stage, either. Anyway, my emotional state aside, I wanted to make her some new clothes for her birthday.

The big day was a Monday, but we celebrated on Sunday. I made my decision to sew new clothes on Friday afternoon. Since she would be home all day Saturday I only had Friday evening to make it happen. I chose simple things and didn't have any trouble getting the three-piece "suit" all done.

Birthday Shirt
Pardon the wrinkles - this has been worn and washed a few times already.

I always like the birthday number shirts that Joy makes for her kids and decided to copy her. The "5" is fused on and then edgestitched in place. I stitched over the same line three times to make it a little bolder.

Twirly Skirt and Leggings

The leggings (Burda 9615) and twirly skirt (self-drafted - details here) complete the ensemble. The skirt fabric is left over from these dresses. Purple is my daughter's most favorite color. The leggings are extra long, so she can wear those for quite awhile (and purple leggings can be worn with EVERYTHING).

I told The Preacher that this project was probably going to be one of the tackiest things I've made, but that our daughter would probably really love it. Of course, I was right.


  1. It's adorable, Renee! Reminds me of when my little one was actually a little one (she's in college now).

  2. What a cute outfil. I am sure she loved it. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

  3. The outfit is terrific! Not tacky at all!

    I have a five-year-old in my life (Miss Curious) who would love it! Hmmmm...I'll have to consider something similar for summer (about nine months of the year where we live!).