Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Farewell, 2012

I wasn't going to do one of these wrap-up posts this year, but I really enjoy reading ones from others. I just scrolled through the last year of my own posts and felt pretty satisfied with what I have produced. Overall, it feels like I haven't been able to find as much sewing time in the last year, but actually the blogging has taken more of a hit than the sewing.

When looking back at my posts, I found I was happy with different projects for different reasons and it seemed like some yearbook-style "awards" were in order...

Best Wardrobe Addition
Goes to my orange coat. I have really liked having an additional outerwear option and every time I wear it I get comments and compliments on it.

Simplicity 2508 - Coat

Most Successful Vision Turned Reality
Goes to my white denim trousers. I love these pants and they turned out exactly as I had envisioned. They also were the inaugural pair of a TNT (Tried-and-true) pants pattern for me and marked the learning of a new pattern creating process.

White denim trousers

Best Problem Solver
Goes to my daughter's Jalie jeans. She hasn't needed another pair yet, but knowing that this pattern works well for her relieves so much shopping frustration. I enjoy being pleased with them every time she wears them.

Jalie 2908 - Stretch Jeans

Most Surprising Success
Goes to my maxi dress. Surprising because it is a style I wasn't sure I would like and I do. Surprising because I wasn't sure the fabric would work and it does. Surprising because people really notice me in this dress and I'm okay with that.

Striped Maxi Dress

Most Delightful
Goes to my daughter's orange and pink dress. She loved this dress and so did I. I made good use of the border print and the dress fit really well. There were no construction snafus and it washed and wore well. There was nothing disappointing about this dress.

New Look 6089

Most Successful Overall
Goes to my denim shirt. This garment project was more planned out than many and that probably has much to do with its success. I purchased good fabric specifically for it and used a pattern that I knew worked for me. Time was spent on construction details and I appreciate that every time I put it on. I did the things that ideally I would do for every project, but don't for various reasons. This is a shirt that I hope to have in my closet for a long time.

Denim Shirt

And that wraps up 2012 (just a few days late). I've resisted setting some goals or posting plans for 2013, but some of those are bubbling up anyway. Stay tuned...


  1. Great look at back at 2012!!!! That denim shirt is awesome!

  2. I'm so glad I discovered your blog and that you did a wrap up post because these are beautiful projects! I'm so impressed with your coat especially. That is on my dream list of things to make one day!

  3. Chiming in very late. The orange coat is TDF! The owl sweater, OMG! I would love to have that in my wardrobe. But that means I'd have to take up knitting on a serious scale. I love your creativity. Thanks for taking us down 2012's sewing lane. I look forward to your creativity in 2013.