Monday, October 15, 2012

Burda 9564 - Corduroy Dress

The majority of the clothes I make for my kids are for my older daughter. My son gets hand-me-downs from some other families and my younger daughter gets hand-me-downs from my older daughter. So, my older daughter usually has the greatest amount of need for clothes. The other two do notice this pattern, so they get extra excited when I do work on something for them.

My daughter was pretty excited about the idea of a new dress when I started this one, and she was really excited when it won first prize in our local fair* but now she won't wear it.

Burda 9564

I love the fabric - the trees, the squirrels, the dark red background, the fact that it's corduroy. She doesn't like the fabric - "it's not girlish" is what she says. Bleh. If the squirrels were pink and sparkly (ick), she'd like it. I'm not sure if I should be frustrated with her narrow views or commend her for having a firm grasp on her own sense of style.

I also really like the pattern - Burda 9564. I think it's a great play dress pattern and I find it hard to find long sleeve dress patterns. The instructions about how to finish the neckline were somewhat unclear for me, so I just used bias tape. I also used bias tape to make elastic casings at the wrist. The instructions would have you just stitch the elastic right to the sleeve, but I find that hard to adjust for fit. The buttons I chose were smaller than recommended, so I used six instead of four.

Burda 9564

Even my "The buttons are made from coconuts - isn't that cool?!" speech didn't sway her toward liking this dress. It's a shame that she wouldn't even put it on for a picture, because it's really cute on her!

*This dress really didn't deserve first place. The second place winner was a dress with smocking, hand embroidery along the hem, and bound and piped armholes and neckline. It was all quite well done and I'm sure it took oodles more hours to create than this one did!

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  1. Congratulations on winning first place! And being such a gracious winner to boot!
    It's a very cute dress, too bad she doesn't like it. This happens often in our house. I hesitate to sew for the kids because it is a lot of work and then they may be fickle and never wear it, which annoys me.