Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Twirly Skirt

The first twirly skirt I made was so fun that I immediately cut out another. I had small amounts of all the fabrics left over from this project and combined them in a different way for my younger daughter.

Sweet smile

This cotton poplin print is really nice to work with. I added piping to the horizontal seams but even with that addition, this was a really quick make.

Twirly Skirt

The top is made from an Ottobre pattern (4/2011 #15). I think the style is really cute, but I didn't do a great job with the binding. And there's a lot of binding on this top - sleeves, keyhole at neck, and neckline. Clear elastic is stitched to the edges before the binding goes on. I tried using a double needle to finish the binding on the sleeves, but it doesn't look great. For the keyhole and neckline I just stitched in the ditch like I usually do and that looks better except that I didn't get the clear elastic on very evenly. It should be gathered evenly all around, but there are more gathers in the back. This project really made me want a serger with a binder attachment. Usually I'm really content with my older, very basic serger. But, these Ottobre patterns always have a lot of binding and I'm going to have to get better at the finish to be happy with them.

Knit Top

I added an inch of length to the sleeves before I cut them out, but was pretty disappointed to see that they are just long enough for my daughter's arms. The bodice was long enough without adding extra length.

Flower applique

The flower applique matches the piping in the skirt. To get the shape I traced one of the red flowers in the skirt fabric and the flower center is cut out of one of the turquoise flowers. The ribbon is stitched down with the same decorative stitch I used on my older daughter's dress ruffle.

Goofy girl

The leggings are made from Burda 9615 and keep everything appropriately covered up while twirling...


and dancing...


and other three-year-old life enjoying activities!


  1. Cute skirt, cute little girl :-)

  2. Hi,I just found your blog through google. Cute skirt, I always have the same problem with ottobre patterns.I can cut them a couple inches longer than the pattern and then the length is fine but the clothes are waaaaaaayyyyy too baggy.