Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kwik Sew 3703 - (unsuccessful) Green Tank Dress

I like tops and dresses with a racer back, but I don't have any. Recently I picked up both Simplicity 2443 and Kwik Sew 3703 to change that. The Kwik Sew looked about as complicated as a T-shirt, so I started with that one.

I'm pretty sure that this is a good pattern and the fact that it turned out badly is all my doing. The main problem is all the puckering and puffiness around the neck and armholes.

Kwik Sew 3703 - front view

I may have not quartered the holes and bands properly (which is embarrassing - how hard is that, really?) resulting in needing to stretch the bands too much in some spots. And I think I probably sewed the neckband and armhole bands on in opposite directions, giving the shoulder straps a bit of a twist. I did press the seams after I stitched them, but they really would prefer to stay puffy.

Kwik Sew 3703 - rear view

Thankfully, I set out intending for this to be a test garment. I'm considering making View B of the pattern with this navy striped fabric and a solid navy for the contrast pieces, but I wanted to test it out first. I thought that if it was wearable, I'd use it as a swimsuit cover-up. So that's why it's hemmed so short.

The fabric feels and sews great. I have a huge piece of it, bought on clearance somewhere sometime. The drab green color doesn't exactly call out "swimsuit cover-up!" to me, but it could have worked.

Kwik Sew 3703 - Racer back

Above you can see the racer back better as well as the puffy shoulder in the foreground. The back is nice. The shoulder? Not so much.

So, I'll use this pattern again, but I'll cut the bands a smidge longer and I'll probably baste them into place before I serge them on, paying attention to the direction I'm sewing.

And this version won't be sticking around here. I suppose I could use it for a nightgown. If I wore nightgowns. Which I don't. But, if I did, this one would be great in this current heat we're getting!


  1. I love this style dress. It looks great on you.
    I haven't made one of these yet but
    I did buy some very simialr dresses in this style at "Wal Mart" :)) and that is what I've been wearing around the house ~ to help keep cool in this heat. They are very comfortable.
    I think either one of the patterns you chose would look great made up in the striped fabic.

  2. This is definitely a flattering style on you. Bummer the puckering happened, but it sounds like you will have a winner the next time around with your changes. I like the Kwik Sew pattern, it has given me an idea how I can change up my racerback dress pattern. I like the band at the bottom in view B.