Thursday, June 9, 2011

Public Safety Issue

Do you read the Yarn Harlot blog? If you are at all interested in (or even just aware of) knitting, you should. She's hilarious. Anyway, yesterday's post resonated with me. Just substitute "sewing" for "knitting" and much of what she says is true for me.

So, this afternoon I ignored the dirty bathrooms, full laundry baskets, phone calls to return, school committee work to do, etc. and just sewed for ME! for FUN! I made a dress - start to finish. And - bonus! I really like the finished product!

Now tomorrow I will have some catching up to do. But, it's all good. Because now I can be nice to people again.


  1. I know nothing about knitting beyond watching my mom knit and the trapazoid of a doll scarf I made as a tween, but I do enjoy reading her posts. That one resonated with me too.

  2. If you keep at running for long enough, you'll start to feel the same way about that too!

  3. Good for you! I might have to do the same as you have done....just ignore all chores and just "sew".
    I'll give it a whirl :))