Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simple Summer Stuff (Part 2)

Ruffled Top and Shorts

For the top, I used Kwik Sew 2918 (heavily modified). I was inspired by this top. Or was it this one? Hard to remember...

The jersey fabric was dirt cheap when I picked it up a couple of years ago. I intended to use it for muslins because I wasn't so sure I liked the color. It did serve the muslin purpose well a couple of times, but I recently noticed that it matched this quilting cotton that I had in my stash and an outfit possibility was born.

Ruffled Top

The shorts are New Look 6884, again lengthened to meet school dress code approval.

Next Up: Simple Summer Stuff, Part 3 (of 3. For now...)


  1. Another great summer outfit and I love the ruffles. I actually want to make a top and add some of these ruffles.

    I think you would like some of these items over at Ruffle Fabrics. I love the skirts.


  2. ...more ruffle fabrics and ideas here...
    I just love the look of these ruffle garments!