Monday, January 3, 2011

Review of Sewing Goals for 2010

It feels like I'm getting to this pretty late. How can it feel like the new year is well underway only three days into it? I considered just getting on with other bloggy things and forgetting about revisiting the goals I set for 2010, but that didn't seem right. So, here we go...

Sewing Goals for 2010

1.  Go fabric shopping in Toronto. INCOMPLETE

I could have made this happen, but honestly didn't feel the need to. I have lots of fabric that I would really like to sew. I need more time, not more fabric. I certainly still would like to go sometime for the experience, but I don't feel badly for not going in 2010.

2.  Knit the owl sweater. COMPLETE

Absolutely my proudest knitting accomplishment so far.

3.  Make a modern quilt for our living room wall. COMPLETE

The quilt that I chose to make isn't exactly what I was thinking when I said "modern quilt," but I think it is a good fit and works with the rest of the room (which isn't modern at all).

4.  Give my blog a facelift. COMPLETE

Pretty minor changes and it's time to do it again, but I still can mark it as complete. Lately I think it might be time to look beyond Blogger, too. The lack of formatting options are really bugging me.

5.  Work on projects for art/craft show a little at a time all year long. COMPLETE (mostly)

I did do this, but not as well as I had hoped in January. The art show was a good experience for me and I will likely be doing it again next November.

6.  Purchase an Ottobre magazine and try at least two patterns. COMPLETE

After using only three Ottobre patterns, I decided to subscribe. I'm a convert. Next year I expect I'll be wondering what I did before I subscribed.

7.  Make a great white shirt. INCOMPLETE

This was a rollover from 2009 and I didn't do it in 2010, either. Makes me think that I don't need to do it at all if I can go for two years without it. But, a few weeks ago I made a vest that really needs a white shirt. Maybe I will get to it in 2011.

8.  Make a wool coat. INCOMPLETE

Here's what I said about this goal last year:
I purchased wool coating about three years ago and haven't had a chance (or the courage) to make a coat with it yet.  2010 is going to be the year.  I'm hoping to use Simplicity 2508.  This is high on the project list so that I can still wear it while it is winter.
Um. Yeah. Still would really like to get to that.

9.  Clean out the fabric stash. COMPLETE (mostly)

I did do this early in 2010, but didn't get rid of as much fabric as I thought I would. Any and all hoarding tendencies I might have are focused on fabric. I love to get rid of other "stuff" and abhor clutter. But, fabric? You just never know when you might need just that piece...

10.  Comment more on other sewing blogs. COMPLETE

I say "complete" because I comment more now than I did the previous year, but still not as much as I should or would like to. It was a difficult goal to measure.

While I haven't gone back through all my posts for 2010, two items do stand out for me.

The best wardrobe addition:
Vogue 2793
I wear this jacket a lot and there isn't anything about it that I am unhappy with.

My proudest accomplishment:
Owls sweater
The Owls Sweater. As far as sweaters go, this isn't a very complicated pattern, but I'm still pleased with myself for making a whole sweater and being happy with how it turned out. I love wearing it.

And for 2011?

I've decided not to set any sewing goals for 2011. How I spent my sewing time near the end of 2010 looked very different from what I expected at the beginning. I expect this year will be difficult to predict also. Ideally, I'd like to sew what I want when I want.

Here's hoping that 2011 is a great year - both inside and outside of the sewing room.


  1. You did very well in 2010!! I love the Owl sweater, and I love having discovered your blog a few months ago. I too am an Ottobre magazine convert. I tried it last month and told my hubby right away that a subscription was in order!!

  2. Blessings to you in 2011. I didn't set any specific goals either, I just want to continue to sew! You made some beautiful things this past year and I look forward to seeing what you make this year too!