Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kwik Sew 3238 - Tankini

So it seems that the last thing I'll sew for summer is a swimming suit. I know it is strange to do it at the end of summer, but I had real need for a new one before last weekend, so I snatched up every spare moment in a very busy week to get this one together.

Kwik Sew 3238

I used Kwik Sew 3238 - the top is view B and the bottom is view A.

I found the midriff part of the top pretty short, so I added 2 inches in length.  I wanted the top and bottom to meet, but I have a long torso and used the lower rise bottom. The additional length turned out to be good, but I didn't like the flat stripes, so I added a ruched layer on top.

The bust/cups part of the suit is shaped with darts.  I tried using the darts but had a really difficult time getting them smooth.  I wasn't keen on having that part of my body look pointy, so I filled in the dart on the pattern piece, re-cut it, and then gathered it to get the same shaping. It looks smoother and is less disruptive of the stripes. The pattern instructions don't say anything about sewn-in bra cups, but I thought they were necessary. This tutorial was very helpful as this was my first time working with them.

The bottom was a good fit without any alterations. However, I used swimsuit lining on the inside and it stretches out much more than the brown fabric. So, when it's wet the lining peeks out from the inside along the back.  Not a good look.  I think I'll need to re-make the bottom. All the parts of the top are lined with the main fabric and I think that's a better way to go.


  1. It looks awesome - I love the ruching!

  2. Renee, I've enjoyed reading your posts, and even went back and read most of your blog back to when you started it. I enjoy the way you share "how" you made an item and not just tell us what you made. You are an excellent sew-er! I've learned lots reading what you've shared and appreciate the links as well.

    And great swimsuit by the way. I cracked up at your comment of the wet lining hanging out is not a good look. :-) No doubt. All brown fabric would indeed fix that.

    Thanks bunches.

  3. Beautiful! I love yoru fabric!!!!

  4. Very pretty suit! And I like the idea of using self-fabric for lining - saves you having to search out swimsuit lining from somewhere.

  5. That's fantastic. I had my eye on that pattern earlier this year but settled on Kwik Sew 3779. If you like rushing, it's a good choice for a one piece, very flattering.

  6. Sorry about the bottom, but the swimsuit is oh so pretty! The fabric really is a perfect choice!