Thursday, January 14, 2010

Patchwork Coasters

I said that I would be working on a jacket next (the top is already done).  I got out the pattern and fabric and noticed that the pattern has a ridiculous number of pattern pieces.  I wasn't feeling very inspired to start that and wanted to do something quick and small.  These coasters are the result.

This sort of thing is a possibility for the craft sale projects that I need to get started working on.  I'm really liking this particular combination of colors.

My son has two infected ears so we didn't really sleep at all last night and now today I have three extra kids here (and a bottle of Mt Dew).  I shouldn't expect to get any sewing time in tonight, but I might still try.  At least getting the jacket cut out would be nice.


  1. what great coasters. I am having a hard time getting started this year. Having a little lag due to the cold weather. Glad that you are able to be creative. Your an inspiration.

  2. i really like them. did you design the pattern?

  3. These are great looking coasters and a nice color combination.

  4. I can totally understand the need to sew something small and manageable.

    Thanks for your comment re jeans - I think you really improved on the design and its great to see things out there being used. I am all for "homage to" and "inspired by" - in fact I'm in the middle of one myself right at this moment!

  5. MIL: I did "design" them, I guess. It's likely that I saw something like it somewhere previously and it stuck with me. I so rarely come up with anything truly original.