Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Felted Slippers

My favorite felted slippers have been in dire need of replacement for some time now.  I finally got around to it.

This is the second time I've used this pattern.  I wish I could give proper credit for the pattern, but it is from a book I checked out of the library more than two years ago.  I copied the pattern so I could mark it up and then kept it after I was finished.  The copy doesn't have any book info on it.

Here they are pre-felted:

The green yarn is Paton's Classic Wool and the blue is Lamb's Pride Worsted.

I made a women's size large, which is probably bigger than I needed, but I like them to be felted as much as possible so they are nice and thick.

After two cycles in the washer, they turned out pretty good.  I think one is slightly bigger than the other.  The soles are still damp, so I haven't really tried them on.  They may need another cycle (or partial cycle).

My feet are looking forward to wearing them!


  1. I love the before and after felting pics. It's so cool to see how it changes them.

  2. How cool! I never thought of doing that... I really need to learn how to knit...

  3. Very nice. They look like they will be very warm and comfortable.

  4. Really really cool! I'm very impressed by people who can sew AND knit (and you can felt too!)

  5. Very neat, I have finished knitting a pair of slippers that I have not yet felted. after seeing yours I will get at that tomarrow

  6. That is a cool project! I have never felted anything, your results are really neat!