Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is This Wierd?

I like to empty the garbage can from my sewing room.

I'm not entirely sure why this gives me a bit of pleasure.  Some possibilities....

  • The fact that it is full and needs to be emptied means that I've been busy creating.
  • As I dump out the contents, I see the scraps of all my recent projects and usually the quick "review" is nice.
  • I have a bit of guilt about my stash, so I feel good when fabric is used up and moved out of the sewing room closet to somewhere else.  I don't hoard tiny scraps as some super-thrifty and resourceful folks do and seeing the little scraps in the trash helps me feel like I may have made a tiny dent in the stash.

The striped fabric on the top in the picture is a sneak peek at my daughter's new dress (which is finished, but not photographed).

Now there is mostly gift sewing happening, so not much to post about or time to post it, anyway.


  1. No, that is not weird - in that case, I'm weird as well! :-)

  2. :) NOt weird at all ~ all of the above ~ I do the same and I think I too feel productive when it's full.