Thursday, December 3, 2009

Custom-ordered Make-up Bags

Even though this project wasn't for me, I still enjoyed it.  :)  A woman from church brought me a store-bought make-up bag and asked me to make one like it, but deeper.  She also wanted a flat, pencil case-type bag in the same fabric.

The bodies of both bags are interfaced and there is layer of batting in the boxy one.  I used a thicker cord than I usually do for the piping.  I think this helps the bag keep it's shape but the combination of the batting and heavier cord made it hard to get the piping to look good.  I had to stitch around the bag more than a couple times before I was satisfied. 

The bag on the left is the one I was copying.  I put the zipper in the center along the top rather than on the edge.  The pieces bordering the zipper do not have a layer of batting.  The zipper color isn't a great match for the bags.  I probably should have gone with pink, yellow, or off-white to compliment the dots in the fabric.

My daughter noted that the one I made would look much nicer with a zipper like the other one.  A giant pink bauble makes everything look nicer.

Now I think my sewing machine needs a bit of a tune up.  I should have brought it in awhile ago, but I've been babying it along for "just one more project" too many.  A good cleaning and tension adjustment would probably do it a lot of good.  There are some other non-sewing things I should be doing (has anyone told you that Christmas is coming?), so a forced break wouldn't be so bad.


  1. Those are so adorable! Great fabric, really nice job, and I'm very impressed by the piping on the sides.


  2. I think that thick piping looks great... Did you just draft the pattern yourself, or did you follow one? Nice work...

  3. These look great. The piping detail looks very professional.

  4. looks good, much better than the original.

  5. Cute bag. I like the fabric.