Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fur Mitts

On Friday evening the Preacher and I stopped at an art show.  A woman that we know hosts it annually in her pottery studio.  Most of the art was her pottery, but she invites some other area artists to exhibit their work too.  One of the artists this year was a woman that makes things out of reclaimed fur.  The most common things were hats, mitts, and muffs, but there were also other things like slippers and fur-trimmed objects like purses.  The Preacher bought a pair of the mittens.

They are rather unique.  The cuffs and the palms are soft leather and the fur is Alaskan Seal.  The inside is fur, too.  They are really warm.  They are also really big.  They don't stay on my hands (but they're not for me, so that's okay).

Unfortunately, the artist wasn't there when we were, so I didn't get to talk to her.  The construction of the mitten looks pretty simple, but I would have had lots of questions for her about sewing fur.

I don't have much experience with fur, but these are the softest things I have ever felt.  This post is taking me a long time to write because I just keep petting them!  I'm not usually one to question God's good creation, but it almost seems a waste to put something like this on an Alaskan seal.  Who would ever pet it?


  1. Your last comment made me laugh! Can't say I have ever petted an Alaskan seal! They look luxurious!

  2. I believe the answer to your question is "another Alaskan seal! - Joanne

  3. The mittens are large so you can wear glove liners. Due to the extreme cold in Alaska, mittens are worn for warmth, but if you need to take your mittens off and use your fingers, they are still protected from the cold by the glove liners.