Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Draft Busters

A woman I know asked me to make these for her son who lives alone in a large, old, drafty farmhouse.  It sounds like the heating bills can be a little tough to swallow.  These will sit on the floor in front of the closed door to block any drafts that normally would come under the door.

2009-11-10 draft busters 001

They're just a tube of fabric, sewn closed at both ends.  I wouldn't have picked this fabric, but that's what she gave me.  It is some sort of knit fleece, with a fair bit of stretch.  It was smooth on one side, but very fuzzy on the other.  I wouldn't have picked white for something that sits on the floor, either, but it wasn't my call.  I wanted to get rid of the stretch, so I underlined (that seems like a much too sophisticated word for this application, but I guess that is what I did) it with bleached muslin.

2009-11-10 draft busters 005

I haven't made this sort of thing before, so I did a little online research about them.  My biggest question was what to fill it with.  Some were just stuffed with polyfil, others used sand, kitty litter, beans or rice.  I went with rice.  I thought it would be most successful if it had some weight to it, but also could be molded a bit to fit tight against the bottom of the door.  And I didn't want to it be expensive.  I think it was a good choice.  The second layer of fabric helped to keep it looking smooth.

2009-11-10 draft busters 008

One of these is really long - 75".  It's for a set of double pocket doors like the one in the picture above, but bigger.  The other is 39".  I cut long rectangles, 8" wide by the length needed plus 2" for seam allowances.  I sewed one end closed by machine when I sewed the long seam and sewed the other closed by hand after it was filled.

2009-11-10 draft busters 003

These had just been sitting on a chair in my sewing room, but the kids are having too much fun playing with these "snakes."  I put them away because I'm afraid they're going to be all dirty before they get picked up and brought to their new home!


  1. i made one for my sister-in-law for Christmas one year-- filled it with rice-- the mice, in her older house, liked it.