Monday, October 12, 2009

Soap Bag Prototype

The second item that the shop owner wanted is a little bag to hold a bar of soap or soap slivers that is also used like a washcloth.  She mentioned maybe doing them out of terry cloth, but I couldn't find that in the fabric store here.  I thought knitting one would work just as well and maybe better as it could stretch to fit different size bars of soap.

The yarn is 100% cotton - not my favorite to knit with, but likely the best for this purpose.  It is worsted weight and I knit it on size 3 needles as I wanted it to start out firm with just a little stretch.  When it is wet, it will stretch more.  I don't get so excited about seaming knits, so this is knit in the round from the top down and the bottom is closed with a three-needle bind off. 

I love the way seed stitch looks and thought the texture would be a good thing for this, so that's what I did for the whole bag, except for three rounds.  One round of knit above an eyelet row, then the eyelet row and then another round of knit below it.  I thought a little less bulk where it needs to be cinched would be good.

I know already that I will do more eyelets in the next one.  There might be more changes as I'm still in the testing phase.  I used this one in the shower this morning and really liked it.

Since terry cloth was suggested, I think I'll buy a washcloth and make a little bag out of it and see what she thinks.  It would likely be faster to produce, depending on how I do the casing and drawstring.


  1. This is so cute! I think knitting is a wonderful idea - better than terry would be IMO.

  2. Aren't you crafty? Great little soap bag and wonderful idea to use up soaps that get small. I personally don't like bar soap because it feels slimy and slips around too much. But a bag might eliminate both of those issues.

  3. Renee - would you be willing to share your knitting pattern for this?
    thank you