Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Baskets For Sale

These baskets do move out of the shop in town so I made three more.  I tried to be a little more "fall-ish" with the fabrics and colors.

The shop owner asked me to make some bags similar to these baskets, for wine bottles.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  I have a prototype finished, but it needs some reworking before I'm ready to make a few.  For dimensions, I used a wine bottle that I had and the bag turned out pretty snug.  It looks good for this particular bottle, but not all bottles are the same shape and size.

I finished a couple more shirts for my daughter that need to be posted yet, but this project is more inspiring right now....perhaps because it is warm again and fall clothes don't seem so urgent.  Or maybe it's just a lot of fun to turn scraps into money!


  1. I need a scraps -> money gig! Those are super cute. I can see why they are flying off the shelves.

  2. I LOVE these baskets! What a great centerpiece. I'll bet they'll be a hit at Christmas also.

  3. Wow, if I lived in your town, I'd buy one. I like the one with green base/handles best. :D Good job!